How to Install GetSatisfaction Widget on a WordPress 3 Blog

Planning to add to your blog a simple way to get users to suggest ideas, suggestions, problems or any other feedback? One of the best and most natural contenders to deliver this functionality must be the superb (@getsatisfaction).

So, with a little help from Google, you can easily discover that there is an official WordPress plugin that brings the famous “feedback” tab to your WordPress blog. However, this plugin does not appear to be working with WordPress 3.0.1.

Looking further, you can find a useful and basic How To article valid for previous versions of WordPress. The following steps are a modified version that I have used to get the feedback tab working on my WordPress 3 installation.

WARNING: You will be editing the theme files directly. If you download an update of your selected theme, it is likely (almost certain) that your changes will be overwritten. So, keep an eye on this!

How to Install GetSatisfaction Widget on WordPress 3

  1. Go to GetSatisfaction and add the name of your blog or company if not already in the directory. You will have to claim yourself as an employee as well.
  2. Copy the HTML code to embed the widget
  3. Open your theme editor and look for the file containing the HTML </body> tag
  4. Just above that tag, paste the widget code and save the changed file.
  5. Test that the feedback tab is working

That’s it. Obviously, it is far from elegant, but it will do while the plugin is broken.

Do you know of a better way of adding this feedback widget? Feel free to add a comment with your approach.

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