LinkedIn Mobile exposes your full postcode

UPDATE: LinkedIn has done some great work on its mobile site and this is no longer happening (at least on an iPhone). Accessing now redirects to A very nice version of the site, that closely mirrors the iPhone Linkedin App. Well done, LinkedIn.

All those of you willing to protect your privacy online need to be aware that theĀ mobile version of can expose your full post code on some OS/browser combinations. Fortunately this is only happening with your existing contacts and not with all searches, but this could still be too much to some of you.

How to replicate the problem

  1. Go to the mobile site
  2. Select the contacts link
  3. Depending on the OS/browser combination you may see entries which contain the full post code of your contacts (see image below)

Where can you see it?

Not all the OS/browser combinations display the post code. For example, the image below is shows how MacOSX/Safari displays the postcode (marked in red) on a MacBook. This is also true for the MacOSX/FireFox combination and using Android on an HTC Wildfire. Mobile on MacOSX/Safari

However, when using the IOS4/Safari version shipped with the iPhone 3GS, the site does not display the line containing the post code. Mobile on IOS4/Safari

What can you do?

This looks like a minor glitch with LinkedIn that should be resolved shortly. However, in the meantime the best option you have is to obscure your postcode settings in LinkedIn to display only the first half of your postcode.

  1. Go to the site
  2. Select the Settings link on the top right of the screen
  3. In the Personal Information section, select the Name & Location link
  4. Change the Postal/ZIP Code field to contain the first half of your post code only
  5. Save your changes


Credit for this finding goes to Gaia Paolini

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