Are you a Social Gamer? Your mother probably is!

Li­ke it or not, in the mind of the ge­ne­ral pu­blic, the aver­a­ge user of so­ci­al me­dia and so­ci­al ga­ming is li­kely to be a ma­le teen­ager in­tent on con­que­ring the la­test shoot-it-all ga­me avail­able in the mar­ket. Howe­ver, this is li­kely to be mis­sing a new ty­pe of ga­mer with po­ten­ti­al­ly da­ma­ging con­se­quen­ces to com­pa­nies that fail to se­ri­ous­ly un­der­stand the fast-chan­ging world of so­ci­al me­dia and con­su­mer ha­b­its. This new hard-core so­ci­al ga­mer is your mo­ther and, may­be, even your grand­mo­ther.

Igno­re So­ci­al Me­dia at Your Pe­ril

Worry­in­gly, ma­ny sa­les & mar­ke­ting de­part­ments may be fai­ling to be in a po­si­ti­on to be­ne­fit from the pos­si­ble be­ne­fits that so­ci­al me­dia of­fer sim­ply be­cau­se they are not awa­re, or do not be­lie­ve, of the chan­ges hap­pe­ning.

A few months ago, I was hel­ping a Mar­ke­ting de­part­ment tri­al the use of so­ci­al me­dia. This com­pa­ny is a lea­ding brand in its sec­tor and its main cu­st­o­mer ba­se co­mes from wi­t­hin the A and C1 so­ci­al gra­des and in the 50+ age groups. Be­cau­se of this, their thin­king was that so­ci­al me­dia use was not a pri­ma­ry tar­get for this com­pa­ny be­cau­se “our cu­st­o­mers do not use so­ci­al me­dia”.

This kind of thin­king can bring po­ten­ti­al­ly da­ma­ging con­se­quen­ces to the fu­ture of com­pa­nies li­ke this one. Not on­ly the so­ci­al me­dia re­se­arch shows that their ex­is­ting cli­ents are al­re­a­dy us­ing so­ci­al me­dia (and won­de­ring why their com­pa­ny of choice is not!), but they are ma­king every ef­fort to alie­na­te the youn­ger con­su­mers that will even­tu­al­ly be­co­me the A/C1 and 50+ tar­get cu­st­o­mer of the fu­ture.

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