Google Apps tools for Social Business

Some of the coolest dis­cov­er­ies of­ten come as a sur­prise and today was no ex­cep­tion as I un­ex­pec­tedly found out a few Google Apps avail­able in the Mar­ket­place that look very slick and use­ful.

I have had a very quick show & tell of the Apps lis­ted be­low by @dear­geek and he seemed very ex­cited about us­ing them. iPhone (by black­berry)

A meet­ing sched­uler. In­teg­rates with black­berry, out­look, apple, iphone, ipad, etc. (in­cl non-tungle users).  This App really caught my eye and after a few minutes of re­search I cre­ated my ac­count as I know it will come quite handy in many situ­ations. The iPhone App is free and my first im­pres­sion is rather pos­it­ive logoIn­

A very nice CRM that is fully in­teg­rated with all the Google Apps solu­tions. logoAs­sis­

A help­desk tool also look­ing very good and in­teg­rated in Google Apps.


Any Agile tools in Google Apps?

And then, I did a bit of search­ing for Google Apps “Agile” tools and saw quite a few in­ter­est­ing tools there, in­clud­ing JIRA Stu­dio from At­las­si­an.

The full list of Google Apps Agile tools ordered by user feed­back rank­ing. Search­ing for “DSDM” re­turns 0 matches. Maybe there is a busi­ness op­por­tun­ity there. Any takers?

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    I might have to read this post again, as i didn’t completey understand all the the content. But thanks anyways!

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