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Agile Project Management: Levels of Intervention

One of the problems for an Agile PM is how much, or little, to intervene and when.

As an Agile transformation coach , all the initial emphasis is put on ensuring that PMs are not com­mand and control, not directive and behave like “good chickens” for their team. This is the standard starting point for an Agile PM managing a per­forming, adult team

However, if things are not going so well, it may be necessary for the PM to change behaviours. After all, the Agile PM is still responsible for delivering the project and managing the risks and issues. From an Agile point of view, this is ac­ceptable, but the level of intervention should be a graduated “ramping up” process, and it needs to be a temporary measure (although changing teams embedded bad behaviours can take some time). It is not a good idea to go straight in at Defcon 1 level.

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LinkedIn Mobile exposes your full postcode

UPDATE: LinkedIn has done some great work on its mobile site and this is no longer happening (at least on an iPhone). Accessing now redirects to A very nice version of the site, that closely mirrors the iPhone Linkedin App. Well done, LinkedIn.

All those of you willing to protect your privacy online need to be aware that the mobile version of can expose your full post code on some OS/browser combinations. Fortunately this is only happening with your existing contacts and not with all searches, but this could still be too much to some of you.

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How to Install GetSatisfaction Widget on a WordPress 3 Blog

Planning to add to your blog a simple way to get users to suggest ideas, suggestions, problems or any other feedback? One of the best and most natural contenders to deliver this functionality must be the superb (@getsatisfaction).

So, with a little help from Google, you can easily discover that there is an official WordPress plugin that brings the famous “feedback” tab to your WordPress blog. However, this plugin does not appear to be working with WordPress 3.0.1.

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