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Review of the APMG Agile Project Management Practitioner Training

This article reviews the 4-day Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner Level training course certified by APMG International (@APMG_Inter) and based on DSDM Atern (@DSDM). The course I attended was organised by RADTAC (@RADTACLtd) and run by Julia Godwin. Julia is a very experienced trainer (profile) with a superb practical knowledge of DSDM, Agile Methods and Project Management. It is no wonder that she has managed to get a 100% pass record so far despite this being a rather demanding course.

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Are You A Professional Agile Project Manager? Time to Ignore Scrum?

Let me get this clear. If you want to be a professional Agile Project Manager, going down the Scrum rabbit-hole could well be a mistake. A mistake with lots of ramifications.

Over the past few years, many traditional (PRINCE2) PMs have retrained as Certified Scrum Masters and they will be livid by this statement and ready for a heated argument. So, please allow me to explain what I mean.

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Are you a Social Gamer? Your mother probably is!

Li­ke it or not, in the mind of the ge­ne­ral pu­blic, the aver­a­ge user of so­ci­al me­dia and so­ci­al ga­ming is li­kely to be a ma­le teen­ager in­tent on con­que­ring the la­test shoot-it-all ga­me avail­able in the mar­ket. Howe­ver, this is li­kely to be mis­sing a new ty­pe of ga­mer with po­ten­ti­al­ly da­ma­ging con­se­quen­ces to com­pa­nies that fail to se­ri­ous­ly un­der­stand the fast-chan­ging world of so­ci­al me­dia and con­su­mer ha­b­its. This new hard-core so­ci­al ga­mer is your mo­ther and, may­be, even your grand­mo­ther.

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Has Facebook Places killed the FourSquare dream?

Fol­low­ing the re­cent an­nounce­ment of the launch of Face­book Places, there have been many blog­gers and so­cial me­dia ex­perts de­clar­ing the death of FourSquare as the next big thing in the world of so­cial me­dia, so­cial net­work­ing and geoloc­a­tion. What is the truth be­hind these pre­dic­tions? And does Foursquare have a way out of the prob­lems it faces with dir­ect com­pet­i­tion from Face­book?

The So­cial Graph Wars

The real­ity is that we are wit­ness­ing an in­tense war for the dom­in­a­tion of the so-called So­cial Graph. The main, and of­ten most ag­gress­ive, play­ers in this war are Face­book, Google and Twit­ter. All three are fight­ing to dom­in­ate this most-luc­rat­ive as­pect of our vir­tu­al lives and, as a res­ult, they are likely to ob­lit­er­ate new com­pet­it­ors along the way.

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