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Product Ownership…in a Public Sector environment

These are  the slides with synchronised audio of my presentation to the Public Sector Agile SIG based in the Midlands (UK). This was a day focused on the role of the Product Owner and I was asked to complement the more basic “what is a Product Owner” presentations with a “Product Owners in the real world” talk.

This is not a Scrum-only talk as it also includes mentions of Kanban, Agile PM and DSDM.

Any feedback, comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Agile Coaches Gathering UK Write-up

My write-up of the Agile Coaches Gathering

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Agile Project Management: Levels of Intervention

One of the problems for an Agile PM is how much, or little, to intervene and when.

As an Agile transformation coach , all the initial emphasis is put on ensuring that PMs are not com­mand and control, not directive and behave like “good chickens” for their team. This is the standard starting point for an Agile PM managing a per­forming, adult team

However, if things are not going so well, it may be necessary for the PM to change behaviours. After all, the Agile PM is still responsible for delivering the project and managing the risks and issues. From an Agile point of view, this is ac­ceptable, but the level of intervention should be a graduated “ramping up” process, and it needs to be a temporary measure (although changing teams embedded bad behaviours can take some time). It is not a good idea to go straight in at Defcon 1 level.

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